Hi! My name is Lauri Orders and I am an interior designer and owner of By the Bay Designs.

I am nestled in the suburbs of Annapolis on the Chesapeake Bay with my 3 children, husband and Golden Retriever.  I love design projects, home decor, new construction, updating old homes, reinventing old to look fresh, selecting paint colors, making homes cohesive and ultimately having all my clients "living with what they love."

After college I became a high school teacher and absolutely loved my career, but after 11 years of teaching I decided to start a family and became a stay at home mom. This is when my love for interior design began to flourish. I could not wait to flip through home decor magazines. Any home I walked into, I would immediately redecorate it and redesign it in my head to fit my style. Eventually, I decided to start taking classes at the local community college and pursue my passion further. I had the wonderful opportunity to rebuild my own home and work very closely with my builder. I learned an enormous amount of information about the process, but also enjoyed every aspect of it.

Today, I have a genuine passion for design and you can find me carving out my niche in the world of Interior Design. I am grateful everyday for my wonderful clients who have entrusted me with their homes. I live and breathe to have a relationship with a home and the people in it. As I continue to experience creative growth and artistic freedom, I find myself right where I belong, living the life I have imagined.  My signature look combines sophisticated color, clean lines, large scale patterns, and classic furniture styles. I favor mixing the old with the new to create spaces that are both comfortable, modern and timeless. I strive to integrate high-end and cost effective pieces to achieve a balance between comfort, function and style. I take a hands-on approach from start to finish, closely working with all parties involved to ensure the initial vision is successfully executed. During the design process I pay close attention to the details, but above all, believe in having fun and building relationships along the way. At the end of the day, "I live what I love."